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How To Properly Care For Outdoor Teak Furniture

Although teak is well known for its ability to withstand the harsher elements of the weather, it is not completely maintenance free. If left alone, a-grade teak will fade and may develop tiny spots of mold. However, with just a little knowledge and care, the teak will indeed last for years, sometimes even generations. There are different products on the market that claim to improve and protect teak furniture; this article examines these claims and offers some practical tips on how to properly care for outdoor teak furniture.

Teak Oil

Although this product is marketed as teak oil, it is not. It is made up of different materials, such as linseed oil and other solvents. It is very different from the oil that is naturally produced by teak wood, and for this reason it should be avoided. Teak oil bought from a store may give your teak furniture a nice polish, but the effect is very short lived; you will be required to buy – and keep buying – teak oil to maintain that look.

Teak Sealer

Teak sealer, on the other hand, is an effective and useful product to use on your outdoor teak furniture. This type of product is water based--that is to say, it provides a barrier that protects against the wood's natural oils from evaporating from the surface of the wood. It only needs to be applied once a year and will help to maintain the quality and the look of the wood. If you wish to allow the teak to age naturally, simply stop using this type of product; no other side effects will be incurred.

Tips For Caring For Teak

Although teak is not impervious to all potentially stain causing products, such as red wine or coffee, it will produce enough of its own oil to deal with many types of spills. If you do spill wine or coffee onto the teak furniture, all you need to do to restore it is to brush the area with a soft headed brush and some warm soapy water. This will deal with almost every type of stain you can spill on the wood. A good tip is to clean teak only on sunny days. This allows the wood to dry quicker.

Deep Stains

Sometimes, the only option following a particularly bad stain is to re-sand the surface layer of the wood. This can be done with sandpaper and a little effort. You will then need to match the color of the sanded area with the rest of the furniture.

Although expensive, many people see purchasing teak outdoor furniture as an investment, as they will get use out of the furniture for many years.