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How to Stop a Wicker Chair From Creaking

If you have a favourite wicker chair in your patio or garden, then you might like nothing more than sitting in the chair when you want to relax outdoors. However, you may find this a less pleasant experience if the chair starts to creak whenever you sit down in it or move around. If the creaking noises are getting on your nerves, then you may be able to stop them. How?

Cleaning Out Creaks in Wicker Chairs

Some wicker chairs will start to creak as they get older. This may be caused by the chair drying out too much. You may find that giving the chair a regular wipe down with a damp cloth or a mild cleaner may help. This puts a little moisture back into the wicker. This may be enough to deal with the creaking noises you've been hearing.

Do be careful not to over-wet the chair, however. Your aim here is to add a little moisture back into the chair and not to wet it. If the chair gets soaking wet regularly, then its fibres may get damaged, and it may develop problems with mildew and mould.

Sun Protection May Stop Creaking

It may also help to protect the chair from weather extremes when you can. For example, it may help to put a cover over the chair when you aren't using it if it is in direct sunlight or might be exposed to rain showers. Or, you could store it in the shade until you want to use it if the chair is easily portable.

Creaking May Stop After a Coat of Varnish

If a regular wipe-down and weather protection don't stop the wicker making noises, then boosting its sealant cover may help. For example, if the chair is very old, then it may have lost its original coat of varnish or sealant. You can often tell that this has happened if the chair has lost most or all of its original colour. It may look pale now. Dry-looking fibres may also be a sign that the original protective coat has worn off.

Revarnishing the chair with a suitable sealant may rejuvenate its fibres and make them stop creaking.  A fresh coat of varnish will also restore the chair's good looks.

Sometimes, regular maintenance and even a new coat of varnish won't work on a very creaky wicker chair. If the chair is close to the end of its life, then you may have to put up with the noises it makes or buy a new one. To find out about replacement options, talk to local furniture suppliers about a new wicker chair.