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Two Suggestions for Those Who Are About to Purchase Their First Adjustable Bed

If you're about to purchase an adjustable bed for the first time, these two suggestions could be helpful.

Consider the range of motion you need the bed to have

Not all adjustable beds have the same range of motion. As such, it's important to consider how adjustable you'd like yours to be. For example, if you suffer from chronic congestion and only want the bed to be adjustable enough to keep your head slightly elevated (which would allow your sinuses to drain whilst you sleep) throughout the night, then you may only need a bed whose mattress lifts a few inches off the base. This is worth considering in advance, as an adjustable bed that has a small range of motion is likely to be less expensive than one with a larger range. As such, by thinking about this matter beforehand, you could avoid spending more than you really need to on this item.

Conversely, if you want to be able to sit fully upright in your bed, with your back supported by your elevated mattress, then you must make sure that the adjustable bed you opt for has a mattress that you can elevate to almost a right angle. Not factoring the bed's level of adjustability into your decision-making could result in you being stuck with a bed whose mattress does not lift up far enough — in which case you may still have to prop yourself up with pillows when you want to sit upright in it.

Think about whether you want a manual or electrically-adjustable bed

You should also consider whether or not you want to be able to adjust the bed manually, using a lever or with a remote. The former may be less expensive than the latter and might be a good option if you only want to make use of the adjustability feature occasionally and do not have any issues with your hands (like arthritis) that might manual adjustment difficult. A bed that is not electrically-powered might also be the right choice for you if the plug socket in your bedroom is far away from your bed and you'd prefer not to have an extension lead permanently stretched across your bedroom floor in order to make use of your bed's features.

Conversely, if you plan to utilise the bed's adjustability feature every day and have physical issues that would make pulling a lever uncomfortable, you will probably find an electrically-powered bed will make you happier than a manual one, as you can use this feature very easily, just by tapping a button on a lightweight remote.