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Why You Should Consider A Special Type Of Chair For Your Elderly Relatives

It is no secret that Australia has an aging population, with millions of people entering retirement age and much farther beyond that. Ensuring that the quality of life for these people is still high and that they are comfortable and know they are still valued is very important, especially when it comes to your own relatives. If you are trying to think of ways you can make life easier for your aging mum or dad then you probably haven't even thought about how hard it can be just to get out of a simple chair these days. Here are a few reasons you should consider a sit-to-stand chair for them.

The Transition Is The Most Dangerous Part

Getting up from or into a chair might not seem like that dangerous a task, but for people with not a lot of arm strength, bad balance and eyesight and depth perception that is not as good as it once was, this can become a nightmare. A lot of injuries and falls occur at exactly this moment, which is why sit-to-stand chairs were invented in the first place. They were made to allow a stable exiting of the chair that your parents or elderly relatives can do with little to no assistance, which is a key feature.

Independent Living

While many elderly Australians do need some kind of support, not a lot of them actively want that help. These special recliner lift chairs give them the ability to still control a very foundational element of their life, getting in and out of a chair without feeling as though they are a burden on anyone or that they can't do anything anymore. While it may not seem like much, little things like that really do have a big impact over a long period of time and help keep your parents in good spirits.

Very Comfortable

While it may seem like the focus of these chairs is entirely on how easy they are to operate, and to a certain degree that is true, sit-to-stand chairs are still remarkably comfortable and use only high-quality fabrics or leathers to ensure their primary function as a chair is still maintained. After all, no one is going to want to use these chairs if they are uncomfortable, including your elderly relatives, so a lot of care is spent making sure they are not just efficient and useful, but also plush and comfortable.  

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